4 Exercises that Will Blow Away the Winter Blues

By Jane SandwoodAs the leaves fall down and the air grows colder, do you feel yourself becoming sluggish and blue? Well, this might be because you’re experiencing the winter blues. As a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the winter blues is characterized as low mood, depression, and exhaustion associated with the lack of sunlight during winter […]


Social Media & Technology: The Impact on Mental Health

Social Media & Technology: The Impact on Mental HealthBy Jane SandwoodThinking about a healthy lifestyle to aid mental health often focuses on diet, exercise, and sleep – and with good reason. All these factors have been proven many times over to impact on an individual’s mental wellbeing, as well as their physical health. However, it is also […]


Psychiatric “Diagnosis”? Or Psychiatric Diagnosis.

Psychiatric “Diagnosis”? Or Psychiatric Diagnosis.By Dr. Daniel PistoneOf course the quotes are there for a reason. And it is: who is qualified to make a psychiatric diagnosis?I say this because it is so very common for patients with emotional problems to be “diagnosed” by non psychiatrist mental health professionals.And yet: let’s make it clear: Psychiatry […]


Is it “Depression” or is it “Bipolar”?

Is It “Depression” or is it “Bipolar”?By Dr. Daniel PistoneI have put both in quotes because the story is complicated; and I am not—for your sake, reader—entering that discussion here.But I will keep the unscientific dichotomy in order to avoid confusing you, and because the points I will try to make for your benefit can […]


6 Surprising Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health

6 Surprising Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental HealthBy Jane SandwoodWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re depressed? You probably don’t think, “Hey, I should go for a run!” This is especially true if getting motivated to do physical exercise is difficult for you. Yet, this is precisely the habit you need […]


Best Food for Good Mental Health

By Tushar GroverIn this fast moving world where our mind is so much drenched in the rat race to earn more and live a better life we forget about the basis necessity of our life i.e. better health. For better mental and physical health we need to eat nutrient rich food regularly which supplies energy […]


Video Games: An undeniable Scapegoat?

Music, television, movies, and video games. All four of them are common now and a good number of people have access to them in the United States. Video games have the most negative coverage from the media out of the four. This is either a good or bad thing. Depending on how you look at […]


Depression, the continued battle

I suffer from chronic depression. A lot of people do. What we do about it when we have it is different for a lot of people as well. What I want to look at today is the core of depression. I will use myself as an example for this, and I intend to craft a […]