Thoughts On Illumination This Morning

Thoughts On Illumination, This Morning
By Kevin A. Sensenig

This morning I looked again out the window in my apartment and saw that the sun had illuminated a spot on the otherwise dark-grayish woods, and that some of the tree bark shined brightly.  As I studied the subtle yet striking image, it brought to mind how we can find illumination in what someone is saying, has said, or has written.  We can also find illumination in the world and space around us.  We can find illumination in music.  Where do you find illumination?  Is it in what your friend is saying?  A therapist?  A psychiatrist?  A government leader?  A philosopher?  A novelist?  A musician?  A teacher?  A parent?  A scientist?  It occurred to me how there are so many ways that we can sense, see, perceive, find meaning in, and work with that which illuminates.

A further thought occurred to me.  If the woods are dark, it obscures things, and it hides things.  We do this too.  Of all our vast experience, each of us shares only a little with anyone at any one time.  We are careful, or spontaneous, and we share what we feel like, or want to, or feel obligated to.  This hiding is only natural, and in fact the thing ‘concept’ works in this way, as well.  When one concept comes into view, others will recede, or appear as interconnected webs of construct, the unfolding, and meaning.  One concept may hide another, and that other may appear later.  Or the first concept may reference a second, and that yet another.  Fields of concept may work this way, or each concept distinctly, “unto itself’.  When either the hiding we have is present, in its natural or intelligent way, or concept hides concept, and its relational occurs, illumination may appear, as either an expression that you do in fact make that suits a situation, or as another concept that one can work with, and that concept finds expression.

This is profound, and occurs in a mental- and thought- and awareness- and being- space.  It is of- you, and of- others.  This resonant, subjective experience could be so significant to realize, and may awaken an entire logic and creativity, all to its own.  And this is another way to be participant in this world.