(CMAP) Community Mental Health Assistance Program

Learn how we can help you get three FREE counseling sessions 


We understand the increasing challenges on the job and hardships at home. The CMAP can help identify any workplace or personal issues by providing professional support.

The Community Mental Health Assistance Program, or CMAP, is a voluntary program that is both free and confidential. This program offers mental health support to residents in Lancaster County who do not currently have access to an Employee Assistance Program through their employer’s benefit package. This program will include short-term counseling by one of over 60 mental health professionals, and follow-up resources to ensure you are supported after your three sessions.

How to Participate in the Community Mental Health Assistance Program:

The CMAP team has carefully selected providers throughout Lancaster county who are partnering with us to provide you with the best care, at no cost to you. 

To get started, contact MHA Lancaster at 717-397-7461 or mha@mhalancaster.org to obtain additional information regarding the CMAP program and the participating providers. 

MHA Lancaster staff can help determine your program eligibility and assist you in finding the best mental health professional to fit your needs. Once you have selected your provider, you may contact them directly to build a relationship and schedule a visit that is convenient for you. 

What are the benefits of using CMAP?


  • Incentive for first timers of therapy 
  • Available to all ages
  • Counseling available without employer involvment
  • Cover insurance co-pay
  • Cover self-pay therapy 
  • Build a plan for improving mental health 
  • Continue with your therapist between jobs and/or insurance
  • Risk free
  • Commitment free
  • Confidential 

What if I need other support?


         MHA Could Assist In:


  • A one time Medication Assistance Program up to $50
  • Connect you with Good RX
  • Connect you to a therapist through Open Path Collective
  • Connect you with Co-Pay Assistance
  • Connect you with Medicaid
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