Prison Advocacy & Education

MHA is partnered with Lancaster County Prison to provide mental health support to incarcerated individuals.
Our peer educator provides orientation to new inmates, as well as offer ongoing support groups that foster an understanding of strategies to improve mental health and coping skills.

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My Role

My role at MHA Lancaster is Prison Advocate/Educator. I can help you navigate the mental health system and find the appropriate resources. I am also here to answer questions and listen with an empathetic and non-judgmental ear. I can help you understand your rights and empower you to learn to be your own best advocate. I am available for support groups, 1:1 session, and educational groups.

I Can

  • Assist you in finding appropriate mental health services to meet your needs
  • Listen and answer questions about mental health concerns
  • Help you understand your rights
  • Empower and support families
  • Encourage self-care

An Advocate is NOT

  • A therapist, counselor or employee of a treatment program
  • A lawyer, public defender, or employee of the court system
  • A social worker, case worker, or employee of the welfare system, the city, county or the state
Frank Letoski
Providing Critical Mental Health Support
During and Upon Exiting Incarceration


  • Make decisions for you
  • Break confidentiality (unless there is a danger to you or others)
  • Provide treatment (therapy, medication management, etc.)