Did you know May is Mental Health Month?
Join us during the month of May to spread awareness around Mental Health Month. 
Our goal is to let each person know that it’s okay to not be okay 
and it’s also okay to ask for help.
Join the Barnstormers as they celebrate Mental Health Month at Clipper Magazine Stadium during each of the home games through the month of May.
During this month at the games, you’ll see Cylo sharing various ways of supporting mental health while myths, facts, resources, and more shared about mental health on the jumbotron. Resource tables from different mental health organizations will also be available around the stadium. 
Clippers Stadium will also be participating in “Spirit Week” as described in the next section of this page. Be sure to dress up to participate in the fun and learn how this activity connects to mental health awareness.
What’s happening all over Lancaster for Mental Health Month?


Check out the calendar below for events happening in May.
Then, Click Here to check out the calendar online for links and more information about all the activities you can participate in and join to get all the benefits you can out of this awareness month.
How can you be a part of the Mental Health Month Movement all around Lancaster County?
During Mental Health Month, we are drawing awareness to mental health through taking a week to recognize different mental health supports that can improve or cultivate strong mental health.
Week 1: Fun Hat Week: Bring awareness to protecting your noggin (brain/mental health) through going to counseling and getting mental health supports
Week 2: Beach Week: Bring awareness to Vitamin D and how we all need sunshine and the outdoors (beach hats, flip-flops, sunglasses, goggles, bright colors, shorts, etc.)
Week 3: Stay Groovy Week: Bring awareness to letting things go, going with the flow, music, tie dye, acceptance, hippie, 60s-70s style
Week 4: Animal Print Week: Bring awareness to how animals can help with oxytocin and happy chemicals to relieve stress and/or letting your “wild side” show
Week 5: Pajama Week: Relaxation, take a break, resting, self-care, comfy, lounge clothes, leggings, loose flowy clothes, etc.
Check out more information here
Choose a day (or dress up the whole week!) each week and take a picture of yourself and/or anyone who is participating (your class, staff, sports team, club, youth group, place of worship, etc.)
Email the photo to MHA or tag MHALC in your post on social media and then keep an eye out on social media for your post on MHALC’s social media as we share about various ways to support your mental health as well.
At the end of the month, we’ll recognize the “best dressed” and present an award. By sharing your photos and connecting to MHA’s page, you’ll be helping to spread awareness about mental health and the intention as well as the resources available to those in need of mental health support. 
While there is so much more to learn about mental health, we hope that Mental Health Month and these activities shed some light on some of the ways we can improve our mental health. Reach out to any of those listed here for additional support, resources and connection.
Check Out Our Full Resource List Here

Designated County and City buildings will be lit up green along with dozens of downtown businesses.  Individuals, businesses, churches and schools are also being encouraged to light up green by simply changing a light bulb.


In addition to the lights, you can also expect to see digital billboards in several locations around the County promoting the “Shine the Light on Mental Health” theme as well as MHA’s social media filled with supportive mental health resources, tips, and awareness activities to bring awareness to mental health.


Interested in lighting up your location?

Call or email MHA for lights and any questions you have. We will provide you with green lights upon request

When people ask about the green light, you can respond with any of the following as you feel comfortable:

  1. Share your story around mental health and how you take care of your mental health.
  2. Share this page with them, so they know how to get connected and learn about mental health resources in the community.
  3. Invite them to join in by inviting them to light their spaces up green, attending a Barnstormers game, and/or joining in our Spirit Week Awareness Campaign.