Mental Health Prison Advocate & Educator

JOB TITLE:  Mental Health Prison Advocate and Educator


POSITION REPORTS TO:       Executive Director


CLASSIFICATION:     Part-time Non-exempt (20-25 hrs per week)


PURPOSE OF POSITIONMental Health Prison Advocate and Educator will assist inmate’s mental health needs by providing education and support as well as advocating for inmate’s special needs. The Advocate and Support staff will ensure proper linkage to services.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • ·         Will run support groups for inmates
  • ·         Will run educational groups to inform inmates of mental illness, services, and treatment
  • ·         Will be involved in CIT trainings to educate police officers to respond to mental health issues
  • ·         Will advocate and educate  inmates on mental health and wellness needs
  • ·         Will serve on committees in support of mental health services for inmates
  • ·         Will ensure that those incarcerated have access to a continuum of care by referring and advocating appropriate services
  • ·         Will Coordinate inmate care with corrections staff to ensure inmates’ special needs are addressed
  • ·         Will serve on County Prison Suicide Prevention Task Force



  • ·         Maintain consumer confidentiality consistent with MHALC policies
  • ·         Accurate and timely case, file and program record keeping
  • ·         Qualified representation of the agency on community committees, coalitions, etc., as assigned
  • ·         Effectively manage time to meet responsibilities
  • ·         Conduct program/service evaluations to measure impact of activities
  • ·         Participation in supervision, staff meetings and trainings
  • ·         Other duties as assigned


Qualifications & Experience include but are not limited to the following:


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, psychology, or a directly-related human service field. Associate degrees will be accepted with a minimum of two years of experience working directly with inmate population.



NOTE: MHALC is a dynamic organization changing as needed to best address its goals and seeks a candidate that is adaptable and responsive to the needs.