By Kevin A. SensenigThe mind and body are inseparable. But so is the person and the tree outside the window.They might be distinguished in terms of time: at this time, both mind and body are functioningtogether, and the tree is not (now) visible. Yet, it is mind and body and tree that is functioning.So what […]


My Bipolar Story

Written by GreggoI used to be mentally ill, now I’m mentally fit.We’ll cover to that “used to be” in a bit. First let me share the beginnings of my fall into bipolar madness.Pre-Bipolar In 1992, while living in Los Angeles, a depression appeared in my life. Without expecting it and without knowing why, I would cry. […]


Help bring mental illness out of the closet.

Written and Submitted by Kathy SwisherMay of 2018 was the 15th anniversary of my Dad’s suicide. A very similar story, although I wasn’t lucky enough to have had my family stand by me through that incredibly difficult period. When I got the call at work, I was frozen, catatonic, I couldn’t speak, move, nothing. My partner, […]


Thoughts On Illumination This Morning

Thoughts On Illumination, This Morning By Kevin A. Sensenig This morning I looked again out the window in my apartment and saw that the sun had illuminated a spot on the otherwise dark-grayish woods, and that some of the tree bark shined brightly.  As I studied the subtle yet striking image, it brought to mind how we […]


A Day In The Life

A Day in the LifeWritten By Gail L StoltzfoosA Poet and Writer In Mental Health RecoveryAuthor of:  My Treasured Gifts from God To relate one of my days as a bipolar I mustbegin the night before as I settle into my bed.It’s often a coin toss whether it will be “sleep or bust” –long nights spent awake […]


I Am The Shooter

Written on March 5, 2018 by anonymous teen who hopes to create a better understanding.White. Six feet tall. Male. Patient is prone to anger and aggression while having a low tolerance for frustration. He has a history of anti-social behavior resulting in issues with the criminal justice system and a rejection of societal norms. In […]


Finding Strength; Lessons From An Ice Hockey Game

By Kevin A. SensenigI was once watching an ice hockey game, and the defense was having trouble finding position,and was outnumbered. Their opponents were pressing in with their offense. But the defense keptpushing back, until it could find enough players to form a coherent setup, and proceeded todefend quite well. I also learned something: I […]


Considering Alternative Paths Toward Mental Health

Considering Alternative Paths Towards Mental Health By Jane SandwoodIt is interesting to see conventional science turn increasingly to ‘mind-body’ pursuits such as yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation, to enhance mental health. It might have something to do with the fact that research over the past decade has been so conclusive; these activities have been found to reduce […]


4 Exercises that Will Blow Away the Winter Blues

By Jane SandwoodAs the leaves fall down and the air grows colder, do you feel yourself becoming sluggish and blue? Well, this might be because you’re experiencing the winter blues. As a form of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the winter blues is characterized as low mood, depression, and exhaustion associated with the lack of sunlight during winter […]


Social Media & Technology: The Impact on Mental Health

Social Media & Technology: The Impact on Mental HealthBy Jane SandwoodThinking about a healthy lifestyle to aid mental health often focuses on diet, exercise, and sleep – and with good reason. All these factors have been proven many times over to impact on an individual’s mental wellbeing, as well as their physical health. However, it is also […]