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Social isolation is often a by-product of mental illness. Without a trusted friend and advocate, it can become difficult to live successfully in the community and to maintain mental wellness.

Compeer Lancaster is always accepting applications for caring persons to provide a one-to-one friendship to a person who is recovering from mental illness and receiving mental health treatment. The volunteer is not expected to be a therapist, social worker or counselor, but simply a friend. Compeer is a fun and flexible volunteer opportunity that fits into your lifestyle. Matching is done on the basis of location, personal preference, and shared interests and hobbies, and all friendships matches are same gender. 

Through the gift of friendship, you will gain a sense of satisfaction and personal growth and have the opportunity to help another person. All it takes is sharing a minimum of 4 hours per month for one year doing the things you like to do already, for example:

a walk in the park

a movie

sharing a pot of coffee


a hobby




or just talking

Compeer’s motto is Making Friends, Changing Lives. The life you change may be your own. Free training and ongoing support is provided by the Compeer staff.

In addition to One-to-One matches, Compeer provides an extension program called Compeer Calling. It is a great opportunity for those who would like to volunteer but have time and activity constraints. Compeer Calling gives you an opportunity to give back right from your own home, and just a single 15-minute telephone call once a week can make an extraordinary difference in someone’s life.

The phone call you make provides interim social support for persons referred to Compeer Lancaster until a one-to-one match is made. These calls help to “bridge the gap” between the time a person is referred and the time they are matched.

If you are interested in becoming a Compeer one-to-one volunteer or a Compeer Calling Volunteer, fill out an application below.

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Compeer Volunteers

We are always accepting applications for One-to-One and Compeer Calling volunteers. Download the appropriate application below and return it to the Compeer office per the directions within.


Questions about which program is right for you? Reach out to the Compeer office at (717) 397-7461.