How to Get a Friend

In order to request a friend, you must have your mental health provider fill out a referral packet and send it to Compeer Lancaster for review. 

 For Mental Health Providers

Clients must be referred by a qualified mental health professional who is engaged in an ongoing clinical relationship with the client. A mental health professional must be trained or licensed in social work, psychology, case management or be a medical doctor. 

The mental health professional must know the client, see him/her for treatment on a regular basis and be willing to be consulted for intervention and consultation as situations or crisis occur. Clients must have a primary diagnosis of mental illness and be appropriate for referral to the Compeer program. 

Referral Criteria
  • Potential to benefit from the kind of social interaction a volunteer friend is able to provide
  • Willing and desiring to be matched with a volunteer friend
  • Willing to participate in a volunteer program
  • Dependable in keeping appointments and returning phone calls
  • Not currently homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, in prison or hospitalized
  • Has at least a rudimentary insight into their illness and are aware of the importance of maintaining a professional therapeutic alliance with the referring mental health professional throughout the duration of the Compeer match

Note: Referrals of individuals with a history of criminal activity or felony, physically or sexually aggressive behavior, fire-starting, and/or a diagnosis of narcissistic or antisocial personality disorder and/or dementia should first be discussed with a Compeer staff member to determine appropriateness. Contact the Compeer office at (717) 397-7461 with questions.